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A full list of our available fonts are available for download here. This file is in PDF format, and requires a PDF viewing program, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Business Stationery (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc.) is priced by Paper Type, Ink Color(s), Quantity, and Custom Services (if applicable). To determine the base price for an item, reference the base prices in the catalog:

  1. Using your catalog, locate the paper selection desired and note the Price Code at the top of the page (e.g. Premium Bright White is BC-2).
  2. Determine how many ink colors will be used on the job (e.g. Reflex Blue & Black).
  3. Determine the quantity of the job (e.g. 1,000).

Price subject to change, please check your current price list.

Please note that this is only the base price for an order. A final price is determined by adding the custom services to the base price. Review the list of custom services and carefully add each charge to the base price if applicable.

Custom Service Charges
Additional Charges Apply
  • Additional Color - Charged when more than two colors are used on one card
  • Bleed - Charged for each side that a printed image meets or extends off the edge of the card
  • LASERSafe Thermography - Charged when using special inks formulated to withstand the extreme heat generated by laser printers
  • PMS Ink and Press Wash - Charged any time a PMS color is desired. This covers the time necessary to prep our equipment for your specialty job.
  • Metal Plates - Some jobs using hairline and trap registration will require the use of metal plates. Whenever this applies, you will be notified by our customer service department.
  • Second Side Printing - Charged when a two-sided card is to be printed
  • Special Effects - Charged when using any of the 20 special effects listed in the catalog
  • Premium Ink Colors - Special discounted PMS colors, including: Silver, Gold, PMS 423 Gray, PMS 361 Sea Green, PMS 295 Blue, PMS 151 Orange, Rhodamine, Pantone Purple, Pantone Yellow
  • Artwork Creation & Touch Up - Charged when custom graphic design or artwork manipulation is required, contact our customer service department for more information
  • Shipping & Handling - Charged when drop shipping an order
Provided at No Additional Charge
  • Flat Printing - When ink is laid down on a sheet of paper and the Thermography process (Raised printing) is not used
  • Additional Lines - Each line required after 9 lines
  • Logo - When placing any catalog or customer supplied graphic on the card
  • Reverse - (unless full reverse - treat as 4-sided bleed) When any object (text or logo) is formed by printing everything around, but not including, the object
  • Screen Tint Graphics or Text - When screening your art or any of the logos or typestyles
  • Proof - (Customer changes are charged) When the artwork for a job is provided to our customer for reviewing prior to production
  • Close, Hairline, or Trap Registration - When using two colors and, 1. The colors are closer than 1/16th of an inch, referred to as Close Registration; 2. One color touches another color, referred to as Hairline Registration; 3. One color is completely enclosed or surrounded by another color, referred to as Trap Registration
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