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Ordering Steps
  • 1 Stock Type & Color - Write stock name and color in the space provided.
  • 2 Quantity - Fill in the quantity being ordered in the space provided.
  • 3 Product Selections - Fill in the box next to the product you are ordering.
  • 4 Ink Color - Check the box(es) next to your color selection(s). For products with two or more colors, indicate the ink color for all text and graphics in the personal information section.
  • 5 Graphics - Fill in the graphic number you have chosen on the line provided. Fill in the box if you are attaching your own artwork.
  • 6 Typestyle - Fill in the mainline typestyle and body copy typestyle on the lines provided.
  • 7 Personal Information - Use the space provided to lay out your business card. Please position all information relative to where it will be placed on the business card.
  • Please fill out your order form carefully and completely to reduce the possibility of errors. Neatness is very helpful. All changes must be in writing to ensure there is no misinterpretation. Please keep a copy of your order in case there are questions.
  • Your written instructions are followed exactly. Please Double-Check Spelling and Call Attention to Unusual Spelling of words or phrases. Orders which require clarification or with missing information will be rescheduled for regular production upon receipt of the missing information.
  • Faxed orders should be clearly written or typed. If a sample card is attached, it should be enlarged to avoid distortion with any changes to copy clearly marked. When faxing an enlarged sample for production, all type sizes MUST be indicated on your order form.
  • When ordering typestyles or sizes different than those in the typestyle selection, the requested styles and sizes must be clearly noted. If Match Type or Match Card is requested, we will provide the closest match possible. Please indicate if an exact duplication is required.
  • Quantities listed are approximate. A completed order will consist of the stated quantity +/- 10%.
  • We cannot accept any financial responsibility for customer supplied stock (including, but not limited to, preprinted, foiled, and embossed stocks) other than replacement with our most comparable unprinted house stock. Please supply desired finished quantity plus 20% overage.
  • LASERSafe Thermography is for use in laser printers or copiers. This LASERSafe process will result in a lower and less glossy raise and slight color variations as compared to the standard thermography process. Please be certain to indicate LASERSafe if you would like this process to be used when printing letterhead or envelopes. Additional charges apply, please see Custom Services price list.
  • In addition to LASERSafe Thermography, we can produce any of our products flat. Please be certain to indicate Flat Printing on your order form if you would like this process to be used.
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